Writer for Newsletter

MATCH is always looking for writers that are willing to share with our members their thoughts and ideas that they may have. It can be new thoughts and ideas or an article that has already been shared before. We appreciate those that have given us permission over the years to share with our members their articles and we are continuing to do so, but we could always use new articles!

If you would like to start sharing your articles with our members please email me and let me know and we will be glad to get you setup.

Fireside Helps is sent out to MATCH members throughout the state, monthly on our members only site. We put all sorts of articles in the newsletter to help homeschoolers, events that are coming up, and fun things from time to time for the kids. The deadlines for the articles are:

All of our writers are given a special link to be able to see the newsletters each month. You will get an email each month when it is up and ready. We try to get it out the first week of each month. Writers also receive a FREE booth at our Online Convention!

We look forward to working together with you.