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Review of the Hughes Brothers by a MATCH Member Family

Posted by Orilla on 15th September and posted in Reviews

I really liked the songs! It was fun to see a lot of kids on the stage. I would definitely recommend kids go see the show! Daniel, Age 9 Homeschooler
When our homeschool group announced they were going to see the Hughes Brothers, I hesitated to go because I had not heard of them. Wow! I am so very glad we did go! From the moment we took our seats it was non-stop energy, music, dancing, and storytelling! We were captivated! I loved the music which ranged from vocal and drums to string instruments. The music was familiar to all ages (I really do mean ALL ages –including my kids). I also really enjoyed the way the Hughes Brothers weaved their own personal story throughout the show. They introduced their family and there were a lot of them! It was fun to see all 40 of their kids ranging in age from infancy to 18 perform on stage. My own children were able to quickly identify with them and were glued to the show. I also loved the audience participation which didn’t end when the show did. The Hughes family came out and greeted the audience following the show and took time to get to know people. It was a wonderful personal touch. I felt a personal connection to the cast that I don’t normally have unless I actually know the performers. The time flew by quickly. Many times when I take my boys to see a show, at some point during the show they will ask when it is going to be over. Not so with this one! They were engaged from beginning to end! We can’t wait to go back! Loretta, Homeschool Mom
I was pretty excited when mom said we were going to Branson to see the Hughes Brothers. I really liked the music and songs the kids performed in. I would definitely like to go back!!! Dallas, Age 11 Homeschooler
An amazing variety of multi-generational talent! The Hughes Family Show is non-stop entertainment from the start to finish. America has talent and it is right here in Branson in the form of the Hughes Family! Darrell, Homeschool Dad

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Review of the Hughes Brothers Show It

Posted by Orilla on 15th September and posted in Reviews

We had a wonderful time with the Hughes Brothers and they are planning a big event with us during Homeschool Weekend. After the show the whole family plans to come out and talk just to us. This isn’t a usual event but you will fall in love with them just as we did. Watch this video of our afternoon with them.
Go watch the movie at

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Math Mammoth Review

Posted by Orilla on 23rd June and posted in Reviews

This is a terrific math product for grades 1-7. The worksheets are cute, colorful and fun. You can either get them downloadable and or on CD.

As a mother that has a special needs child I have really fallen in love with this setup because it has short lessons, are fun and if the child doesn’t pick it up immediately they will go over each new item to be learned, so you can have several pages to work with. It is also in pdf format so that you can print off the book as many times and you need. This comes highly recommend!

If you aren’t for sure where your child should start in Math Mammoth they have a placement test that you can give at Get yours today at Make sure to check out the special discounts.

Thanks for a awesome product.

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Review of

Posted by Orilla on 29th April and posted in Reviews

This is an awesome website! All students would benefit from this, but especially the special needs children that struggle with putting sounds together and making words. I have been using this with my own special needs son lately and LOVE it!!! Why?

They have put together words for Pre-k through 3rd grade. There is a page with all the words so you have a list of them and then they have made it where you can print them out in a flash card and laminate them so they won’t wear out. You can also customize your words. Don’t know how to teach them to your child? No problem they have a whole section on how to teach them in different ways.

Another awesome thing that they do on their site is to have all sorts of games to play with your child to help them learn the words. Games like Bingo, Snakes and Ladders, Fly Swat, Fishing, Go Fish, Memory, Bean Bag Toss, Parking Lot, Pathways, Old Maid, Book Land, Dominoes and Christmas Activities.

My son loves playing these games and even though he is still struggling it makes it a lot more fun for him and we know that he will eventually be able to read because of this program. Check it out for yourself! It is FREE and I think you will agree. Go to to see it for yourself.

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The Coral Island: A Tale of the Pacific Ocean

Posted by Orilla on 9th February and posted in Reviews

This audiobook is about 3 Christian boys that are shipwrecked in the South Pacific on The Coral Island. You will find yourself going through the hardships of these young men as the battle what comes against them. You will rejoice during the triumphs, too. Does God desert them? Will they parish?

Jim Hodges makes the story come alive. This audiobook has over 9 hours of listening and keeping you an edge. You don’t need to worry about TV/DVD players when you have these audiobooks around. Your whole family will find themselves involved in the story and wishing it could continue.

This audiobook is available at either mp3 CD format or by digital download. I’m sure you will love it as much as we did! Get yours today. It will help history come alive for you and your family! He even has a sample of the audiobook on the site.

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