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Night of the Cossack Review

Posted by Orilla on 26th May in Reviews

  Want an awesome book to read and a switch away from the regular school work? Do you know what a Cossack is? This is a wonderful book that will take you back to the days of Hitler and how a family faced those terrible days. Tom Blubaugh does a wonderful job with the story […]

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Project Appleseed Review

Posted by Orilla on 11th March in Reviews

Are you looking forward to have your child(ren) learn more about shooting and history at the same time? I can’t say enough good about this amazing program! The instructors are wonderful and patient and looking to help out everyone there! “Appleseed” comes from Johnny Appleseed, the American folk hero who toured the country, planting appleseeds […]


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SupraComputer Review

Posted by Orilla on 11th March in Reviews

The SupraComputer The SupraComputer is a great example of how modern technology can bring top educational tools to anyone at an affordable price. If you are not tech savvy at all, it comes with simple printed instructions for hooking it up (additional ingredients needed include a keyboard, mouse, and monitor or TV with HDMI input), […]


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Nanushka: A Russian Children’s Story by Ina Allen Review

Posted by Orilla on 19th January in Reviews

Nanushka is a beautiful story of a little Russian girl that lives with her aunt and longs for friends. But since she has none she makes up imaginary ones that gets her into all sorts of problems. Does she every get any real friends? I love listening to the narrator. She has a pleasant voice […]


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Stinky Feet Book Review

Posted by Orilla on 17th January in Reviews

Bullying has become such a problem over the past few years. Almost every family has been hit in some way with this terrible thing over the past few years and it seems to be getting worse. Shelba Oberto has written an awesome book for children to learn how to cope with bully’s called Stinky Feet. […]

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