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History Channel Benjamin Franklin Review

Posted by Orilla on 14th November in 

Multimedia Classroom American History Series Vol. 1 Benjamin Franklin by the History Channel The pictures were very colorful and would hold a students attention. I found it very interesting to watch and then go to the interactive part where the students can take a closer look at Ben Franklin and answer questions regarding his life […]

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Dolphin Days DNG Review

Posted by Orilla on 14th November in 

Dolphin Days is a wonderful packed filled ebook!  You will find loads of information all about the dolphins themselves, where it talks about them in the Bible, It also has an area that they explain what a lapbook is and how to make one.  There are so many links available in this ebook to use […]

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Welcome To Our New Blog

Posted by Orilla on 14th November in 

Due to our server going down and having to switch to a new one, we lost all of our old blogs! So we are starting again.  I am currently trying to get all the reviews back up and going so people can see them as quickly as possible.  These all ran at some point in […]

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Astonishing Animals DNG Review

Posted by Orilla on 14th November in 

Another great DNG book.  This book is an awesome book to use with autistic children to help them learn.  It is great for non handicapped children but autistic children can learn a lot from the movies and pictures that they see and my son got really excited watching the movies.  Do you know what an […]

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