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Chocolate Challenge DNG Review

Posted by Orilla on 14th November and posted in Reviews

Another great Download N Go book!  Amanda Bennett does a wonderful job with each of her unit studies and this one is another great one for the DNG collection!  It is written for K-4 BUT, once again can be used for those that have a severe handicap chid and aren’t ready for kindergarten yet.  I will be using it on my son that is 7 but can only do preschool age things.  If you love chocolate you won’t want to miss out on this one.  Even Amanda’s introduction was wonderful and even made me want to go looking for some chocolate.  Suggestion, you might want to have extra chocolate things on hand while you do this one. If you have never done any lapbooking before there is an introduction to it at the first.  You will study what different kinds of chocolate there are, who were the first ones to use it and how they used it.  Watch some wonderful videos about Brazil, learn some interesting information about the country and keep up with the weather there daily.  You will have a Chocolatier of the Day, when you learn about someone who became famous because of what they did with chocolate.  During this journey you will have math, spelling, and other learning tools used, there is even some recipes that the kids can use in the kitchen.  At the end of this FUN study you find out how to do your own Chocolate Party!  What a neat way to show what you have learned and have lots of fun.  This is a fun filled and exciting study!

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