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Stitches & Pins A Beginning Sewing Book for Girls Review

Posted by Orilla on 14th November and posted in Reviews

Stitches & Pins A Beginning Sewing Book for Girls

By: JoAnn Gagnon & Corrie Gagnon

If you are looking for a beginning to sew book for your daughter or even for yourself this is the book you need! The patterns that are included in the book are for girls sizes 8-16 and misses 8-16. It teaches the fundamentals of the sewing machine and what basic supplies you will need. It describes the differences in the different fabric types and how to make sure it is ready to be used. They explain all about patterns and what each marking means. Then they tell you how to sit and practice until you can sew a perfect line by using different patterns they have given permission to copy.

During the time you are learning to sew you will sew a pillowcase, Bible/book cover, tote bag, laundry bag, house potholder, doll quilt, hostess apron, bound blanket, circle potholder, elastic waist skirt, reversible vest, matching purse, pajama bottoms/shorts.

By the time you are finished with this book, you and your daughter will be very proud of what has been accomplished. You may just want to buy the next book called Pins & Needles. You can purchase this wonderful book and others by going to This book is spiral bound for only $24.95 (and what they learn they will always be able to use). This is a wonderful resource book to have on hand even after you have gone through it.

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