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Buckles & Bobbins A Beginning Sewing Book for Boys Review

Posted by Orilla on 14th November and posted in Reviews

Buckles & Bobbins A Beginning Sewing Book for Boys

By: JoAnn Gagnon & Corrie Gagnon

Boys, sew??!! Yes, they do and some of them turn out to be the best and do beautiful work. This book will help start them down the path of knowledge!

They will learning all about the sewing machine, what supplies they need to keep on hand, all about the fabric that is available. They will also learning the different looks of a pattern and what the different markings mean and how to lay the pattern out and pin it on the fabric. The the practice sheets are made available to practice how to sew the different stitches they will be sewing. They will learn how to quilt, hand sew, topstitch, install zippers, and make pockets.

By the end of this book your son will have sewn a pillowcase, Bible/book cover, cabin potholder, strip quilted pillow, patchwork quilt, work apron, bound fleece blanket, end wrench roll-up case, pajama bottoms/shorts, pajama top, duffel bag, bike bag/toiletry bag, lined sportsman’s vest, cargo pants and back pack.

This book also has what they call “Life Skills” in it. In this section your son will learn to sew on a button, mend holes and rips and how to iron a shirt. Then guess what moms, you can start having them help you with there clothes more!

You can purchase this wonderful book at for only $24.95. This a spiral bound book with the patterns at the back. The patterns are for boys sizes 8-16.

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