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Review of The Shepherd’s Treasure kit

Posted by Orilla on 4th December and posted in Homeschool Discount, Reviews

Heard of Elf on the Shelf? Who hasn’t!! The more that I’ve heard and saw of this, I wasn’t impressed and we never did it with our children. Teaching your children that if you aren’t good, Santa isn’t bringing them gifts isn’t my cup of tea. Kids will be kids and they won’t always be good, but it shouldn’t be just around Christmas nor should it be because they want gifts.

This is what comes with the box.

A few weeks ago I saw The Shepherd’s Treasure being advertised and contacted them about reviewing it. I loved the concept and wanted to see for myself what it was like. I LOVE it!

Every Christian family should have this to add to their Christmas traditions! The kit comes in a bright beautiful box. It consists of the book The Shepherd’s Treasure, the shepherd (bright, beautiful, soft, cuddly, wire inside to make moveable), manger (soft, bright, beautiful), and 25 bright, strong, advent cards with verses and short saying from the shepherd on them and a card with different things to do with the shepherd for every day.

The book is written with small children in mind. You can adjust the story and the different activities to the age of your children. We are using it with our 16 year old special needs child and he loves it!!

Day 1: You read and name your shepherd boy. Our shepherd is David.

The first thing I did was read the book all the way

through. The book is written from the Shepherd and it is very engaging and the pictures are beautifully done. At the back of the book you will find a Bible Verse Treasure Hunt to go on in the book.

The cards have a Bible verse on one side and a short note from the Shepherd on the other side. The cards are made from heavy cards and are really pretty.

You will also find a card that has a list of 25 things to do each day until Christmas. They also have a website that has more helps. The thing that I love is it teaches the child(ren) how to be used

Day 2: Isaiah 50:7

of God and find out the TRUE reason of Christmas. In all of it we receive the best gift by helping others as God would have us.

The first day is reading the book and naming your shepherd. We have done this and you can follow David along the journey to Christmas. We hope you will join us with this exciting journey this year. We will be modifying some of the days so fit what our son can do. We will be posting an update on our personal Facebook page of where and what is going on with David.

Get your own kit by going to They have been wonderful and are giving us a wonderful gift by giving you 10% off your purchase by using code MATCH10. Even though December is already here, get yours and start it anyway or even buy it as a Christmas gift for the family and have it ready for next year. You can also buy 2 other different sets of advent cards so that you have 3 years worth to trade off.

I can hardly wait until Easter to see the Easter count down. Thanks Stephanie Parker for creating this wonderful product and sharing it with us!

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