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Stinky Feet Book Review

Posted by Orilla on 17th January and posted in Reviews

Bullying has become such a problem over the past few years. Almost every family has been hit in some way with this terrible thing over the past few years and it seems to be getting worse. Shelba Oberto has written an awesome book for children to learn how to cope with bully’s called Stinky Feet. The book is 36 pages long. It is colorful and has large print so that it is easy for a beginning reader can read it. It is about a 1st grade girl that goes to school and a boy in her class makes fun of her every time she turns around. See how she learns to cope with it and how she actually helps the bully out in the end. Something that I love that Shelba did that I haven’t seen someone else do is she explained why the bully was being a bully. Usually there is a “hidden” reason that someone is a bully if you dig deep enough and usually it is because they are hurting.

At the end of the book she has put 7 questions to discuss about bullying. This helps open the door to talk more to your child about the subject and what they should do if they are being bullied.

I highly recommend this book! This book is geared toward 0-8 year olds. Start reading it to a toddler and it will help them understand even at that age what to do. Then they will be able to learn to read the book with you.

You can get your copy at

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