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Nanushka: A Russian Children’s Story by Ina Allen Review

Posted by Orilla on 19th January and posted in Reviews

Nanushka is a beautiful story of a little Russian girl that lives with her aunt and longs for friends. But since she has none she makes up imaginary ones that gets her into all sorts of problems. Does she every get any real friends?

I love listening to the narrator. She has a pleasant voice that keeps you listening until the very end. There is piano music weaved throughout the story that draws you into the story more and into that era of time in Russia.

Our son loved listening to this CD while we traveled and it kept his attention. The music isn’t played at the same time that the story is going so it doesn’t cause problems listening.

I highly recommend this awesome recording! It would even work as a nice downtime story and would be fun to have your children draw pictures of what they think Nanushka and her little imaginary friends looked like.

You can get your copy at


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