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Project Appleseed Review

Posted by Orilla on 11th March and posted in Reviews

Registration Table and Gun Check In

Are you looking forward to have your child(ren) learn more about shooting and history at the same time? I can’t say enough good about this amazing program! The instructors are wonderful and patient and looking to help out everyone there!

Instructor telling about Project Appleseed

“Appleseed” comes from Johnny Appleseed, the American folk hero who toured the country, planting appleseeds so that future generations would benefit. Project Appleseed is designed to ensure that future generations of Americans will learn and benefit from the lessons of our colonial past.


Getting ready to find out what level of a shot and if the sites are on right.

The hard part was learning to shoot on your stomach instead of sitting or standing. They shoot at 25 meters. They learned how to target detection and ranging; measuring and compensating for wind; scopes and reticles; MOAs and mils, boxing your sights, battle-sight zero and come-ups, and much more.

The programs are done on a Saturday and Sunday. Come prepared for 2 long days but they make it fun. Our daughter took the class and had only shot her gun 1 time with her grandfather before hand. They were very patient with her and helpful and encouraging!! This is great for children to do along with the parents. They give a list of items to make sure and have at the class. They do have some things available at the event if need be, but it is best to bring your own so you know what you have.

To kick things off, they explained about the program and then started telling the story of the early days of our nation. During each break they told more of the story of our nation and the events of April 19, 1775. So, who actually began the war in 1775? Did the war actually begin with the “shot heard around the world?” After hearing the story, I actually had to change my mind and I thought I had studied this war a lot.

Main instructor helping Abigail.



Checking their and having another additional part of the history story


They are big on safety! In all the years they have put this on, there hasn’t been any accidents with the guns. The group we were in had an 8 or 9 year old boy as the youngest and the oldest was around 60 years old. So the age range is big. There was lots of encouragement and the instructors were known to get down with each person as needed and help them.

Due to Abigail not having shot a gun except once before they worked with her over and over. NO one made fun of anyone else. Even when the aim was way off, they just encouraged and kept going.

We only attended 1 day of the event. The second day they keep building on the first day and then awards are given out and they receive a special shirt.

This is an awesome opportunity and for those that are wanting to get their children into hunting or just a better shot, this is an awesome way to do it. The history part is very well done and they keep the interest of the class!

Another instructor working with Abigail. One thing they are strict on is the ear plugs.

To find out more about the events go here. This is an excellent class and you will walk away with more knowledge how our country became and how that even through conflict they pulled together.

Preparing to shoot.

Check out the 6 different dates available in MO this year. To help them prepare so that they have enough instructors on hand, it is helpful to pre-register.

This event is HIGHLY recommended by MATCH!


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