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Homeschooling vs Schooling at Home

Posted by Orilla on 15th July and posted in Homeschool Help

Our world has come crashing down around us over the past few months, but remember that God has EVERYTHING under control! With all the changes we have gone through since March, we have seen more people interested in homeschooling. There has been a lot of confusion about the difference in homeschool and schooling at home. I saw an ad the other day that said they had been homeschooling and it listed a curriculum that isn’t homeschooling but through the public school. So let me help you understand 3 big differences.



  1. Homeschoolers are under a different guidelines than the public school.

    When you home school your child(ren) we follow the laws for homeschooling NOT public school. Homeschoolers have a certain number of hours they have to put in each year. Homeschoolers have to have a certain amount of those hours in a primary location. Check out the homeschool laws for Missouri.

  2. Homeschoolers don’t have a set time of day they have to be in school.

    Homeschoolers don’t have to go to school 8:00 am – 3:00 pm Monday through Friday. Some go to school in the morning, some in the afternoon, some all day, some 4 days a week or some 7 days a week. Some go year around to school and some go only certain months to school. You are the principal and teacher of your school, so it is up to you what hours and days your child(ren) are in school.

  3. Homeschoolers don’t have a set curriculum they have to use.

    When we started homeschooling there wasn’t a lot of curriculum out there to choose from. Now, you can find all sorts of curriculum and different styles to meet yours and your child’s needs.

Schooling at Home


  1. Schooling at home is still under the public school.

    Those that are schooling at home are still enrolled in the public school and have to abide by the schools requirements.

  2. Schooling at home have to go to school on the public school schedule.

    Schooling at home students have to go to school during the time that the public school says they have to. They have a certain time of the day that they have to be in school and they go to school during certain days and months of the year.

  3. Schooling at home curriculum is put together by the public school.

    Schooling at home curriculum such as K12 and Connections Academy are through the public school systems. Anything that says they are online public school is NOT homeschooling.

If you are interested in homeschooling check out our website for more help on how to get started. MATCH is here to help you along your journey. You find some awesome freebies on our site to make things fun even before the school year begins. We highly recommend doing the awesome 2 week course Start Strong Missouri Homeschool University to help you know more about homeschooling and what to do and expect. This awesome course will help ease the butterflies in your stomach. Everyone that signs up for the course is given a FREE year membership to MATCH ($25 savings).

May God bless you as you make the decisions for your family. Whether you homeschool or school at home, may you have a wonderful year!

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