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Art Class from SeeTheLightShine Review

Posted by Orilla on 28th October and posted in Reviews

I have just finished reviewing two amazing video’s from See The Light Shine! Wow, if you have a budding artist in your home, you will want these!! I have gotten to review Volume 1 of the Art Class and it is amazing. Pat Knepley is the Master Artist and she starts out simply and builds each class (or club meeting as she calls it).  You will find her very intergentic and fun and she also refers to scripture throughout the class. On The first video you will also get a Bonus from See The Light chalk artist Gloria Kohlmann. She shows you how to do a beautiful chalk art of the Easter story.

The second video is centered around Gloria Kolmann called God’s Runaway. It has the story of Jonah and also has her drawing the story. You will find many things just from her drawing that you probably never thought of before. She shows how to make the story come alive so that your budding artist and see it too.

This is a wonderful way of bringing art to your young artist and the Bible too. For more information go to

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