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Stinky Feet Book Review

Posted by Orilla on 17th January and posted in Reviews

Bullying has become such a problem over the past few years. Almost every family has been hit in some way with this terrible thing over the past few years and it seems to be getting worse. Shelba Oberto has written an awesome book for children to learn how to cope with bully’s called Stinky Feet. The book is 36 pages long. It is colorful and has large print so that it is easy for a beginning reader can read it. It is about a 1st grade girl that goes to school and a boy in her class makes fun of her every time she turns around. See how she learns to cope with it and how she actually helps the bully out in the end. Something that I love that Shelba did that I haven’t seen someone else do is she explained why the bully was being a bully. Usually there is a “hidden” reason that someone is a bully if you dig deep enough and usually it is because they are hurting.

At the end of the book she has put 7 questions to discuss about bullying. This helps open the door to talk more to your child about the subject and what they should do if they are being bullied.

I highly recommend this book! This book is geared toward 0-8 year olds. Start reading it to a toddler and it will help them understand even at that age what to do. Then they will be able to learn to read the book with you.

You can get your copy at

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Roadtrip Discovering Weird and Wonderful Places Review

Posted by Orilla on 17th January and posted in Reviews

This is an awesome book! Shelba Oberto wrote Roadtrip Discovering Weird and Wonderful Places for all ages. The book starts with a letter from 12 year old Kaylee and 8 year old James as they get ready to take a year long adventure traveling the US. It has a map of the US that has marked the journey they took over the year they traveled. There is 2 pages dedicated to each state.

Let me tell you about what you will find on a state. Each state has 2 pages dedicated to it. It tells you what region the state is in and have a colored map of the US with each region in a different color. There is a flip book looking graphic that has the name of the state, I’m going to describe Oklahoma to you. The top of the flip book has Oklahoma on it and the bottom of the flip book has the following listed: the slogan of the state (The Sooner State), Capital (Oklahoma City), State Bird (Scissor-railed Flycatcher), State Tree (Redbud), State Animal (Bison), and Largest City (Oklahoma City). Then it tells the history of Oklahoma. There is also little bits of info scattered across the 2 pages. It is personalized with the kids saying they got hungry and wanted to eat and how they found a neat place called POPS Restaurant in Arcadia to stop at. They have a picture of it and how hard it was to chose what to eat.

They visit a place called The Golden Driller in Tulsa. They show a picture of it and tell a little bit about it. They also visited the park that was featured in the movie Where the Red Fern Grows along with a picture of the falls. They also tell a little bit about the bison they saw and have a picture of one they took from their car. They also tell a little bit about the stagecoach they saw.

Each state has something like this and helps you get to know a little more and from the view of Kaylee and James’ view of the trip.

At the back of the book they take the 5 different regions and have “What Do You Remember” questions and “Fun Activities” to do from each region. It is chalked full of beautiful pictures that make it more fun.

This will make it more fun to study American Geography especially with the elementary age children. You can also start your own journey over time across American and mark each off but take the book with you to help you see things that are special in it.

I HIGHLY recommend this book! Get your copy at

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Review of The Shepherd’s Treasure kit

Posted by Orilla on 4th December and posted in Homeschool Discount, Reviews

Heard of Elf on the Shelf? Who hasn’t!! The more that I’ve heard and saw of this, I wasn’t impressed and we never did it with our children. Teaching your children that if you aren’t good, Santa isn’t bringing them gifts isn’t my cup of tea. Kids will be kids and they won’t always be good, but it shouldn’t be just around Christmas nor should it be because they want gifts.

This is what comes with the box.

A few weeks ago I saw The Shepherd’s Treasure being advertised and contacted them about reviewing it. I loved the concept and wanted to see for myself what it was like. I LOVE it!

Every Christian family should have this to add to their Christmas traditions! The kit comes in a bright beautiful box. It consists of the book The Shepherd’s Treasure, the shepherd (bright, beautiful, soft, cuddly, wire inside to make moveable), manger (soft, bright, beautiful), and 25 bright, strong, advent cards with verses and short saying from the shepherd on them and a card with different things to do with the shepherd for every day.

The book is written with small children in mind. You can adjust the story and the different activities to the age of your children. We are using it with our 16 year old special needs child and he loves it!!

Day 1: You read and name your shepherd boy. Our shepherd is David.

The first thing I did was read the book all the way

through. The book is written from the Shepherd and it is very engaging and the pictures are beautifully done. At the back of the book you will find a Bible Verse Treasure Hunt to go on in the book.

The cards have a Bible verse on one side and a short note from the Shepherd on the other side. The cards are made from heavy cards and are really pretty.

You will also find a card that has a list of 25 things to do each day until Christmas. They also have a website that has more helps. The thing that I love is it teaches the child(ren) how to be used

Day 2: Isaiah 50:7

of God and find out the TRUE reason of Christmas. In all of it we receive the best gift by helping others as God would have us.

The first day is reading the book and naming your shepherd. We have done this and you can follow David along the journey to Christmas. We hope you will join us with this exciting journey this year. We will be modifying some of the days so fit what our son can do. We will be posting an update on our personal Facebook page of where and what is going on with David.

Get your own kit by going to They have been wonderful and are giving us a wonderful gift by giving you 10% off your purchase by using code MATCH10. Even though December is already here, get yours and start it anyway or even buy it as a Christmas gift for the family and have it ready for next year. You can also buy 2 other different sets of advent cards so that you have 3 years worth to trade off.

I can hardly wait until Easter to see the Easter count down. Thanks Stephanie Parker for creating this wonderful product and sharing it with us!

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Activity Days for Homeschool Groups and Families by Marcia Washburn ~ Review

Posted by Orilla on 11th April and posted in Reviews

I know there are several MATCH members that are involved in homeschool groups. This book is an awesome help to get more activities in your group and how to do it. I don’t believe I have ever seen so many activities listed in a book with all the helpful information that you will need to make it a success.

Marcia Washburn is one of our writers for Fireside Helps and she has done a wonderful job with this book! She first tells you all about what an Activity Day is and why your students need these days and how to organize them.

The next section is a list of ideas for Activity Days and exactly how to do them. A few of the days listed are:

  • Character Lessons
  • Exploring Your Senses
  • Math Day
  • Pioneer Crafts

There are 20 days covered in this section.

The third section is about Long-Term Activity Days. There are 8 different ones in this section. A couple of these days are:

  • Bible Quizzing
  • Special interest Groups

The last section of the book is a great resource help section. She has compiled places to get help for the different days and even has addresses and phone numbers.

This is a terrific book for anyone that is involved in homeschool groups or thinking about starting one. MATCH highly recommends this wonderful resource.

To get your copy check out Marcia Washburn’s website at Watch for her monthly articles in the newsletter for more wonderful helps.

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Encouragement For Homeschool Moms by Marcia Washburn ~ Review

Posted by Orilla on 11th April and posted in Reviews

I have had the privilege to be asked to review the Management For Moms Series by Marcia Washburn. This book is one in that series.

If you are a mom, you have gone through those exciting and wonderful times that you are so happy to be a mom. But if you are a mom, you have gone through those down times and discouraging times that you wonder a lot of whys things happen. This is a wonderful book to help encourage you and remind you how awesome YOU are!

Marcia reminds us that we are special to our Creator and how to keep going even when things look dark.

While reading this 55 page book, I shed some tears. It really spoke to me and reminded me that I was special to God and as the first sentence of the first chapter says, “You are God’s first choice as the mother of your children.” Wow, it doesn’t matter if they are ours by birth or by other means, He chose ME.

You will find help and encouragement as you read through this wonderful book! The chapter titles are even wonderful!

  1. The Ideal Homeschool Mother
  2. God Knows Who You Are
  3. Homeschooling Through Difficult Times
  4. Special Days
  5. Caring for His Temple
  6. In His Image: Creativity for Christians
  7. Keep on Walkin’
  8. Just Pedal

Marcia has a special loving way about her writings. She is a positive person and shows us that no matter what we as Mother’s are going through, God picked us for our children. She even reminds us that we need to take a few minutes just for ourselves. “Caring for your body is a part of your spiritual service to the Lord.

MATCH highly recommends this book! To get your copy check out Marcia Washburn’s website at Watch for her monthly articles in the newsletter for more wonderful helps.


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