The National Society of High School Scholars
For MATCH Members
Deadline May 22, 2004

Do you have a junior or senior in high school? Do they have a 3.5 grade average? Then they should be recognized! And we here at MATCH have just the thing for you as a MATCH member!

MATCH has signed on as the first homeschool association to work with a national known scholars group. We are very happy to offer our juniors and seniors this very special opportunity and hope that you will take this chance of a life time for your child, too.

Don't delay in this opportunity! It is open to all juniors and seniors that have a 3.5 GPA and have all the required courses that the Missouri homeschool law and the state law requires for graduation. You will find these posted on our web site. The homeschool law in on the main website and the state law requirements are posted on the members only website. You must submit a transcript to our office no later than April 3, 2003. No late transcripts will be accepted. More information is provided on the members only website.

Let me tell you a little bit about The National Society of High School Scholars.

Claes Nobel, honorary chairman of the Society, states, "The hard work and success of today's youth provide the foundation for a future dedicated to community--and world--betterment."

As senior member of the Nobel Prize family, Claes Nobel extends his family's dedication to excellence to the youth of today. Claes' family established the Nobel Prizes in 1901 in order to note outstanding contributions in the fields of peace, literature, medicine, chemistry, and physics. More than a century later, these internationally renowned awards continue to distinguish scientists, authors, and leaders in a world forum.

The mission of The National Society of High School Scholars is to recognize and encourage academic excellence among the most exceptional high school upperclassmen. The Society selects students nationally and awards this distinction on a very limited basis. Membership is by invitation only, extended by Chair Claes Nobel.

Scholars Benefits

State Graduation Requirements