We would love to work with your group in whatever way possible. We offer to do FREE product reviews for vendors. The way this works is, you send us whatever you would like for us to review and after reviewing it, we will put the review in our state wide membership newsletter (online); on our members only site on the web; on our blogs (3 different ones); and on Facebook (we do not return or resell items sent for review).

If you want us to review a book or even a series, please send us the physical books or ebooks. If you are sending ebooks we accept ebooks for the Nook or Kindle, as well as common non-DRM formats.

Please note that we get a lot of reviews and we try to get them done ASAP but as a homeschool mom, my children come first. If you don't hear from us or see your review out there, please email me and I will check into it.

We are also planning to put the reviews on the Online Convention. For those that are partners with MATCH they will have a page with with our reviews on the "computer booth" to help advertise their products. Send the review products to:

Orilla Crider
MATCH Director
2203 Rhonda Dr.
West Plains, MO 65775