We can't stress enough to have you join HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association)!

HSLDA has been fighting for our homeschool freedoms for over 35 years. HSLDA fight for homeschool freedom in all 50 states. They work with legislators to craft homeschool friendly laws and then make sure that those laws are followed. HSLDA sends out legislative alerts to help keep us informed what is going on in our state and when they see something that needs our attention to help fight, they let us know.

HSLDA is there to help answer your questions. If you have a question about the law, they are just a phone call away. Need help with homeschool paperwork? They are there to help. Have a DHS worker at your door? Your lawyer is a phone call away, 24/7. They will be there to fight your case and all expenses for the lawyer bill will have been paid by your dues. Have a special needs child and need some help figuring things out? They have an awesome team to work with.

Need some financial help to homeschool due to financial difficulties, medical emergencies or something else? They have donors that are willing to help out with this.

Ready to get signed up with HSLDA? You can be a member of HSLDA for as little as 30 cents a day. The have 4 ways to join:

  • Monthly Auto Pay - $12/month
  • Annual Auto Renew - $125/year
  • Annual Membership - $130/year
  • Lifetime Membership - $1,200
You can receive a $15 discount if you use our special code 294050. The discount is only good on the Annual or Annual Auto-renew Membership.