Baldknobbers Show ~ Review

As you can see in their ad in this newsletter, Baldknobbers Inn is offering a combination package for homeschool families of 1 night’s lodging and tickets to the Baldknobbers show. They sent our family to the show so we could review it for our members.

I never attended the original Baldknobbers show, which ran for over 50 years, 47 of those years in the same theater. Last year the Mabe family moved to Branson Famous Theatre, and introduced a new show, described as “fresh, fun, exciting, fast-paced, energetic”. The show consists of a mixture of “new country” covers, sprinkled with some tributes to country artists now gone and American heroes, and rounded out with a few minutes of country gospel. Throughout the show Droopy Drawers Jr. and Hargus Marcel add in comedy.

The pre-show is a one-man show with a little music and a lot of humorous stories. We were disappointed at the amount of off-color humor that was included in this segment and hoped the main show would be better. While it was not as prevalent, the main show still had its share of off-color jokes. The music was too loud for my tastes – only on the slower quieter songs could I understand more than a word here and there. However, the rest of the audience seemed thrilled with the entire show. I have often said that if music sold based on my tastes, a lot of musicians would be out of work. If you enjoy the type of show I have described here and some off-color humor does not offend you, than take advantage of the offer Baldknobbers Inn has for you next time you are in Branson – like when you come for homeschool days at the Butterfly Palace. However, because of the humor, MATCH as a Christian organization cannot endorse this show.

The Balknobbers Motor Inn is a great place to stay and they are offering us a wonderful discount. They also have great discounts to other places in Branson. Let them know that MATCH sent you.