Well Planned Start Parent Assessment/Student Placement ~ Review

We have looked for something like this for years and Rebecca Farris with The Well Planned Gal has nailed this series!!! In MO we don’t have to test our students but we highly suggest testing them in some way at least every 3 years so that you know where your student(s) stand.

These books cover:

  • Math
  • Language Arts
  • History
  • Science
  • Bible

Mrs. Farris covers several parts in this book. She starts off with the Parent Assessment Test. This section covers:

  • Assessing Your Child
  • Individual Subject Tests- You will go through different sections answering what you feel your child can do.
  • Assessment Summary –  You will score the test area that you just did of your child.
  • Assessment Notes

The next section you will cover is the Student Placement Test. This section covers:

  • Administering the Test
  • Individual Subject Tests – This is where the child will take his/her tests.
  • Placement Guide & Key – This is where you will find what is covered in each section and what the answer is.
  • Placement Summary = This is the area where you will score each section.
  • Plain of Action – This is where you write out your plan of what your child needs to cover after the test.

Parent Teaching tips are covered in the next section. This covers every area. She gives helps on how to help your child get each part of each subject. This is an awesome bonus that I find very helpful in all 3 levels (grade 3, 7 and 10) that I got to review.

The last section of the book is the Milestones area. This covers what to expect in each grade, how your child is growing, feeling and learning. She has done a super job with this section! She covers:

  • Your child should be able to – What 80% of children are comfortable doing.
  • Your child may be able to – What 50% of children are comfortable doing.
  • Your child may even try to – What 20% of children are able to attempt.

I can’t say enough good about this group of placement tests. The book that you want to purchase is the year you are finishing up. If your child is finishing the 5th grade, you want to purchase the book for the 5th grade book.

To buy this awesome book go to https://shop.wellplannedgal.com/index.php/shop/start.html. Take advantage during the month of April the discount that they have given for these awesome tests.

MATCH highly recommends these tests! Thanks so much Mrs. Farris for all of your wonderful work in a much needed area!


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