Mission Trip Opportunities

Abigail’s first trip to China.

Our daughter has had the opportunity to travel with the World Mission Alliance in Branson, MO for the past 2 years. We highly recommend this group if you have teens that are interested in doing mission work abroad.

Check out the upcoming trips for 2018.

WMA has an awesome sponsorship contest that they offer to help the winner go on a mission trip scholarship. Project Timothy is a super opportunity. Check it out! The trips are 10 days long and they are life changing for the whole family.

If you would like to hear what another parent has to say about this group, check out my blog Parent of a Teen Missionary. I’m thankful to be able to be a TMM. I hope that you will also feel the same about one of yours and allow them to take this giant step if the Lord leads them to do so.

WMA’s first trip to Argentina.

Our daughter started on her journey with WMA at 15 yrs and she is now 18 and leaving January 3rd on a 3 month mission trip to help out in a daycare in upper Galilee. Would she ever have gone if she hadn’t gone on the 10 day trips. No. God opens and shuts doors and you will know by the peace in your child that everything is ok.

WMA is an awesome group that loves serving the Lord and seeing others be able to do so, too. Your teen is safe with them and they will forever be changed if they go one time.