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Stamp & See Screen – Review

Posted by Orilla on 31st January and posted in Reviews

Milton having fun with the Stamp & See Screen. Loves being able to take it with him.

The Stamp & See Screen is a wonderful set to take with you to the hospital, car trips or something fun to do that will also teach as a game. It comes in a handy carry case with everything inside. Inside is one of those nifty draw screens that the kids love to draw pictures on and then erase it. On the back you will find a tall and short straight magnet board and a big and small half circle magnet board. These are magnet stamps that you will find easy for your child to handle.

I learned something very interesting from the Handwriting Without Tears company. Every letter has either a half circle or start line. If a child can draw these two shapes they can draw any letter.

Your child will have fun stamping the letters on the screen using the two different shapes. Have them use the writing magnet to draw around the boards and to write each letter with out the boards. This can be lots of fun and they love to take it with them because it is fun and easy to do. You will find that they enjoy it and loose track of time.

Yes, I love these and think you will too! Go to the Handwriting Without Tears website at and get yours.

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