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A B C Touch & Flip Cards – Review

Posted by Orilla on 31st January and posted in Reviews

Milton showing the back of the A B C Touch & Flip Cards. He loves the fill of them and how they all go together as a puzzle.

The A B C Touch & Flip Cards are fun and very helpful to teach special need children their letters! One side you will find a capital letter on the top left side. Mix them up and let them match the cards up into a puzzle form. each card connects to each other until all the alphabet is all together. Have them notice the G that begins for the picture goat. Flip the picture over and have them trace the G. The letter are made out of a sandpaper type of material  so that it is rough on the child’s hand and he not only sees it but feel it as he traces it.

Another fun thing to do is to Match the capital letter in the upper left corner of the picture to the capital card that is white without raised letter. They can also take the second set of letters and place them under each picture so that it shows what picture begins with what letter. On the back of each white card is also a small letter. Have the child trace the upper and lower case letter as shown by the arrows.

If you child likes puzzles this is a fun way of learning! I highly recommend it. You can find this and other helpful things from Handwriting Without Tears at

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