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Fantastic Caverns Review

Posted by Orilla on 1st August and posted in Reviews

DSCF2609On July 13, 2013 we were invited to the Fantastic Caverns to do a review. On the way we stopped at a beautiful park just beyond the cavern and ate a picnic lunch. The crew was very helpful and courteous. Having a Great Pyrenees service dog with our family has been known to cause some places to question us, but they are awesome and made sure that our every need was met.

While we waited to go on our tour we looked around the gift shop. Of course Milton had to show off his capability as a miner. Our tour guide had us load first in the car with him so that Suzy wasn’t in the way of others. The whole thing that I found interesting iDSCF2612s how well the young man that was our guide handled Milton. Milton has problems talking all the time and popping up and down in his seat but that didn’t bother the guide and he even “played” back and forth with him.

DSCF2634 Fantastic Caverns is the only cave that they know of that has a stalagpipe. Several years ago they drilled a well that went through the cave by mistake, and left it there.

We saw a couple of bats but they were really small. The cave has some really pretty places in it. It was interesting to hear the history of it and how it was basically women that explored it in its beginnings. Of course there were a few head knockers that the tall people had to duck or have a terrible headache.DSCF2650

Some famous people made history here in this cave. It was known where the Presley Family got their start, it was a gambling casino, a dance hall, a meeting place for the KKK and Baldknobbers and a place where they made moonshine. This cave is known to have withstood earthquakes.

The tour guides showed us what it was like when the cave was first explored, pitch black, then as the years went by they had gas lights and then today the electric lights. Everyone agreed that they like the lighting today best.

One oDSCF2665f the things that makes Fantastic Caverns so unique is that it is the only drive-thru cave in the US. This makes it where everyone can enjoy the trip!

This is an awesome place to visit. Make sure to take your camera. The one thing that I do want to remind you is that in every cave I’ve visited they believe that the cave is millions years old. But you can use this as aDSCF2611 learning process with your kids and explain what you believe versus evolution belief.

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