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Ten Girls from History Review

Posted by Orilla on 9th February and posted in Reviews

This audiobook is one of three book that Jim Hodges has done by Amy Puetz. Amy is a homeschool graduate and author and I love reading her works but with her writing and hearing Jim Hodges read them, the book takes on a whole new outlook. This audiobook has 9 hours worth on it.

As the title says it is about 10 different girls in history that through hardships made a difference. You will learn about Dorothy Quincy and her part in the American Revolution, Clara Barton and her work on the battlefield, and the well known writer Louisa May Alcott author of Little Women. This may sound like it is just for girls but our mentally handicapped son loved the adventure that these girls went through and was held captive through the whole book.

This audiobook is available at in either mp3 CD format or by digital download. I’m sure you will love it as much as we did! Get yours today. It will help history come alive for you and your family! He even has a sample of the audiobook on the site.

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