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Posted by Orilla on 29th April and posted in Reviews

This is an awesome website! All students would benefit from this, but especially the special needs children that struggle with putting sounds together and making words. I have been using this with my own special needs son lately and LOVE it!!! Why?

They have put together words for Pre-k through 3rd grade. There is a page with all the words so you have a list of them and then they have made it where you can print them out in a flash card and laminate them so they won’t wear out. You can also customize your words. Don’t know how to teach them to your child? No problem they have a whole section on how to teach them in different ways.

Another awesome thing that they do on their site is to have all sorts of games to play with your child to help them learn the words. Games like Bingo, Snakes and Ladders, Fly Swat, Fishing, Go Fish, Memory, Bean Bag Toss, Parking Lot, Pathways, Old Maid, Book Land, Dominoes and Christmas Activities.

My son loves playing these games and even though he is still struggling it makes it a lot more fun for him and we know that he will eventually be able to read because of this program. Check it out for yourself! It is FREE and I think you will agree. Go to to see it for yourself.

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