Encouragement For Homeschool Moms by Marcia Washburn ~ Review

I have had the privilege to be asked to review the Management For Moms Series by Marcia Washburn. This book is one in that series.

If you are a mom, you have gone through those exciting and wonderful times that you are so happy to be a mom. But if you are a mom, you have gone through those down times and discouraging times that you wonder a lot of whys things happen. This is a wonderful book to help encourage you and remind you how awesome YOU are!

Marcia reminds us that we are special to our Creator and how to keep going even when things look dark.

While reading this 55 page book, I shed some tears. It really spoke to me and reminded me that I was special to God and as the first sentence of the first chapter says, “You are God’s first choice as the mother of your children.” Wow, it doesn’t matter if they are ours by birth or by other means, He chose ME.

You will find help and encouragement as you read through this wonderful book! The chapter titles are even wonderful!

  1. The Ideal Homeschool Mother
  2. God Knows Who You Are
  3. Homeschooling Through Difficult Times
  4. Special Days
  5. Caring for His Temple
  6. In His Image: Creativity for Christians
  7. Keep on Walkin’
  8. Just Pedal

Marcia has a special loving way about her writings. She is a positive person and shows us that no matter what we as Mother’s are going through, God picked us for our children. She even reminds us that we need to take a few minutes just for ourselves. “Caring for your body is a part of your spiritual service to the Lord.

MATCH highly recommends this book! To get your copy check out Marcia Washburn’s website at http://marciawashburn.com. Watch for her monthly articles in the newsletter for more wonderful helps.