Voweletics The New Phonetics Review

Do you have a student that is struggling with reading? Do you have a special needs child that you can’t seem to get him to understand the vowel sounds? I have an awesome program just for these younguns. Jane Volden founded Voweletics in 2006. She taught for over 30
years, specializing in reading instruction. She wanted to
make reading easier to succeed and she actually did this with
this awesome program.

You take your child at their pace with Voweletics and review until they actually know the rules. There are a total of 26 lessons. You get an online set up, a student workbook, and cards to help re­enforce what they are learning. She has made this a fun learning process for the
children. You will be introduced to Readersville and the different characters that will help learning to read a lot more fun.

There is a parent section and a student section. Jane goes
over everything with the parents so that it is very simple to
understand how to implement this program.

They will learn with:

  • Songs
  • Worksheets
  • Charting
  • Finger spelling
  • Sight Word Practicing
  • Games

From experience with our son, that is mentally handicapped, this is a super way to help him. We have only used it for a short time but it has already shown him understand a little better what reading is all about. He loves the songs and even the worksheets.

So if you are needing help, check out her website.