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Creation Geology A Study Guide to Fossils, Formations, & the Flood! book Review

Posted by Orilla on 26th March and posted in Reviews

This book is one of Felice Gerwitz’s amazing books. She has an awesome way of writing so that common people can understand and be able to teach it to their children. This book is co-authored by the late Jill Whitlock.

This book has over 250 activities for grades K-12. There is three age group levels (K-3, 4-8, and 9-12). There is excellent lesson plans for each level. For each level you will find reading list, activities, vacab and spelling lists, language art ideas, math, science, geography and history and art and music ideas.

Your child(ren) will learn the truth about Creation Geology vs evolution. Learn about different rock types, minerals, fossils and how to prove evolution can’t be true.

Get your copy of this awesome book and others at You may find them on Facebook at Media Angels Inc.

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