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Creation Astronomy A Study Guide to the Constellations Review

Posted by Orilla on 26th March and posted in Reviews

Do you have children that love to look at the stars at night. This is one of the amazing wonders that God created for us to enjoy! This book by Felice Gerwitz and Jill Whitlock is a wonderful study to this beauty that God set in the sky for us to enjoy.

The book is divided up for the different groups (grades K-3, 4-8, and 9-12). The lesson plans are awesome and will help you guide you through your journey into the wonders of the heavens. You will find lessons that involve reading, experiments, vocab and spelling, grammar ideas, language arts, math, science, geography and history and art and music.

I love the gospel message in the stars constellation star chart. Truly God created everything beautiful. You will find so much in this wonderful study and learn more about the wonderful Creator that we serve.

Get your copy of this awesome book and others at You may find them on Facebook at Media Angels Inc.

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