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Bosch Mixer Review

Posted by Orilla on 26th March and posted in Reviews

After 17 yrs of hard work my long loved Kitchen Aid Mixer wore out. I cried. I loved this mixer it could do everything that I ever dreamed of making. I hadn’t found another mixer that could beat what this one could UNTIL I was introduced to the Bosch Mixer.

I contacted Everything Kitchens and asked if I could do a review on it for my fellow homeschoolers and then gave me this wonderful opportunity.

When I look at mixers the first thing I notice is the price tag. If I’m going to spend a lot on a mixer I want it to last and do what I want it to do.

Things that I wanted to be able to do with it was:

  • Make large amount of homemade bread
  • Make decorating icing
  • Make large batches of cookies

When I bought it I bought the Bosch Universal Plus 6 Qt Mixer with a 800W Motor. Yep, I wanted it to last. Mine came with a dough hook, twin beating whisks, splash ring and cover and a 6 qt mixing bowl. I opted to buy the cookie beaters and opted out of buying the blender that attaches to the setup.

When I received it all I could say was WOW! The bowl is a heavy duty plastic but it is so easy to use and when you scrap stuff out of it it comes clean. The dough hook and whisks are metal along with the insert that goes through the middle of the bowl that the mixing device sits on have to be washed by hand. You don’t need to buy the cookie beaters, in fact I wouldn’t suggest buying them. The dough hook is used to make the bread and cookies. The bowl is dishwasher safe.

The first thing I made in it was a big batch of homemade bread. I love it!!! With the way the hook is made it puts the air into the dough that is needed for a bread to rise on its first rise so you don’t have to wait that time out. The bread turned out beautiful and no hard work!!!

I made a cake with the decorating icing (a double batch) and it came out really smooth and so easy to use.

Mixing cakes and cookies are cut in half with this mixer because of the motor speed. There is little mess because the flour is contained inside with the lid.

This mixer is very easy to use, clean and isn’t bad to look at. If you want to expand the system there is several attachments you can add to the system, too.

This is an awesome system! Highly recommended! Go to to get one of these awesome mixers!!

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