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Titanic – Branson, MO

Posted by Orilla on 21st April and posted in Reviews

It was our privilege to get to visit the Titanic! It was an awesome experience!!!! We were welcomed at the gate just as if we were on the actual cruise. As we went in to the ticket area we were given these neat remotes that you type numbers that they have posted into the remote and you will hear interesting stories of real people that were on the titanic and other information that isn’t posted in the museum. Our 9 yr old, handicapped son found this one of the best museums he has ever been in. There were some hands on things to enjoy. We loved getting to see what the inside of the ship was like and a video of the making of the ship. Then we went out on deck to feel what it was like the night of the wreck.

One of the fun parts of the tour was our tickets! Yep, a little unusual but when you go in you are given a boarding pass that you become one of the people that actually was on the Titanic. You are told to watch as you go through the ship to see if you lived or if you perished. The four people that we were, were very interesting. Michael was a fireman/stoker, Milton was a fifth officer, Abigail and I were a mother/daughter that were 1st class passengers. Funny part was we were given the right one mother for mother and daughter for daughter.

Everyone was gracious to us and welcomed our service dog aboard. It was an amazing experience and we would recommend it to anyone young or old. There are NO scary areas that little ones would be afraid of but lots of learning for all ages! By the way, we were thankful to find at the end of the cruise that all four of us lived to tell their stories. You will find this a very rewarding stop on your vacation. You will be welcomed and there is NO time limit. Take your time and enjoy.

NOTE: there are no camera’s or cell phones allowed in the ship. Please respect these regulations.

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