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Posted by Orilla on 9th October and posted in Reviews

I am so excited about this review!!! I have recently been working on scrapbooking some of our families memories. You say you don’t have time to do that, well, I thought so too until I used MyMemories Suite! Let me tell you it is cheaper, less time consuming, less messier, and you can do so much more with it. Today I’m not only doing a review of this program but I get to give away one copy of the scrapbooking software. So after you read this review make sure to do the Raffle below for your chance to get this awesome program for FREE!

You can sit down to take a breather at your computer and enjoy putting this book together. You can make it plain or as fancy as you want with this set up. The software runs on both Windows and Apple and the templates and kits you can download usually run less than $10. Another awesome thing that this company does is they have promotions and you can get some things FREE each week and the constantly run a discount on certain items.

This isn’t just a scrapbook program but you can do other things with this program. As homeschoolers we don’t do a typical school picture. With this you can take those school pictures and turn them into the same packages that you would buy at the school. Do you wish you can make a nice annual like you had when you were in school? You can! The templates that they have are awesome and you can make more from scratch!

Here is a sample a scrapbook done up for printing so you can see it. ***Notice this does take awhile to download!***

Looking for ideas for Christmas? How about a family calendar? You can do that right here with this scrapbooking software!

One of the neat things I like is that you can have the books printed through them, just like other companies (either softbound or hardbound) but they also make it where you can print your own books at home and they look really nice. What I really like is that my husbands parents my look at the book once or twice but then it will get covered with dust or thrown away because it got torn up. With this software they make it where you can turn your book into a movie and put it on a DVD. Or you can turn it into a movie and post it to your website for others to see. Besides, being a movie you can add music, voices, etc to it so it is completely yours.

Look at this movie that I made from the scrapbook software.

This company believes in Freebies and the Dollar Store! There are pages on this catagory that you can use from and never buy anything. However, once you get started I’m sure you will enjoy some of the other items for sale.

What is tech support like? I have used them several times while working on this review and they are awesome!!! They DO NOT leave you stranded and will do everything possible to help you get back up and going.

Thanks to we are giving one of their My Memories Suite away. Go to enter the contest and hopefully you will be a winner!

Can you tell, I LOVE this software!!! I think every homeschool family should have it! Having problems with that teen wanting to write? Use this program and have him start his own family newspaper. There is no end to what you can do with this!!! Watch our blog for more and exciting things with this program!!!

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