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Special Give Away!

Posted by Orilla on 22nd October and posted in Uncategorized

The My is giving a very special give away to EVERYONE between now and October 26. I have been enjoying a new program to do all of my scrapbooking. Between NOW and October 26th you may get a full running program for FREE!! Please copy and paste the following code in the promo code are. It must look exactly like this so please copy and paste it! Your code is FreeTreatAL105.

This is an awesome program. It makes all of your books into books (printable and bound at another location or you may print it on your own printer), or turn it into a movie with or without music. You may make your own calendars, yearbooks, or a neat cookbook. It also comes with some neat backgrounds and embellshments for free. They have a Dollar Store and On Sale specials or even a FREE Kit area.

Is this really a full program for free? YES it is a FULL program and I would exchange it. If you need help, they have great tech support (just make sure to give them 24 hrs during a work week to get back with you).

Want to see a couple of ones that I have done with this program? Take a look at DreamNight in Dickerson Park Zoo.


Click the picture to see the movie.

And another one that I have just done is our visit to the Shepherd of the Hills.


Click the picture to see the movie.

These are both done in movie for the web but you have other options for movies and in a flip book format. Also, you can get them book printed in softback or in hardback books. This is FREE! Doesn’t cost you anything and can be a lot of fun for you and for you children.

Click here to be taken to the software page. Click add to cart and at the check out page paste the special code above in the promo code area. This will give you the program for FREE!!! No strings attached!

We hope that you enjoy this software as much as we do!! We would love to hear back from you! Drop us a note after you use it and tell us what you think!

From our house to yours,

The Crider Family

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