Hughes Brother Review

Review of the Hughes Brothers by a MATCH Member Family…Get your tickets NOW for our Christmas event with them!

I really liked the songs! It was fun to see a lot of kids on the
stage. I would definitely recommend kids go see the show!” Daniel,
Age 9 Homeschooler

When our homeschool group announced they were going to see
the Hughes Brothers, I hesitated to go because I had not heard of
them. Wow! I am so very glad we did go! From the moment we took
our seats it was non­stop energy, music, dancing, and storytelling
“We were captivated! I loved the music which ranged from vocal and drums to string instruments. The music was familiar to all ages (I really do mean ALL ages –including my kids). I also really enjoyed the way the Hughes Brothers weaved their own personal story
throughout the show. They introduced their family and there were a lot of them! It was fun to see all 40 of their kids ranging in age from infancy to 18 perform on stage. My own children were able to quickly identify with them and were glued to the show. I also loved the audience participation which didn’t end when the show did. The Hughes family came out and greeted the audience following the show and took time to get to know people. It was a wonderful personal touch. I felt a personal connection to the cast that I don’t normally have unless I actually know the performers. The time flew by quickly. Many times when I take my boys to see a show, at some point during the show they will ask when it is going to be over. Not so with this one! They were engaged from beginning to end! We can’t wait to go back!” Loretta, Homeschool Mom.

I was pretty excited when mom said we were going to Branson to see the Hughes Brothers. I really liked the music and songs the kids performed in. I would definitely like to go back!!!” Dallas, Age 11 Homeschooler.

An amazing variety of multi­ generational talent! The Hughes Family Show is non­stop entertainment from the start to finish. America has talent and it is right here in Branson in the form of the Hughes Family!” Darrell, Homeschool Dad.

Review of the Hughes Brothers by the MATCH Directors

We had a wonderful time with the Hughes Brothers and they are planning a big event with us during Homeschool Weekend. After the show the whole family plans to come out and talk just to us. This isn’t a usual event but you will fall in love with them just as we did. Watch this video of our afternoon with them at