Managing Your Finances by Marcia K. Washburn ~ Review

Another super book in the Management for Moms Series. Again, this book can be used not only as a personal help book but to teach your children for their future!

Most homeshool families live on a single income and a lot of families consist of 3 or more children. This can put a strain on a family and on a marriage. This book helps you handle your financial part of your life by Biblical foundation.

Mrs. Washburn compares our financial life to a house.

  1. The Foundation – Live Biblically
  2. Walls – Live Thoughtfully
  3. Roof – Live debt free
  4. Interiors – Live simply
  5. The Front Door – Live hospitably

Each part of the house is critical and so is each part of our financial life. Money is the root of all evil, but we need it to make it through life. Just so it isn’t the center of why we live.

One of the chapters she has you make a family notebook. This will hold all of your vital records and information so you can find anything that you need down the road.

Are you interested in starting your own business or a side business? She has that covered in this book, also. She covers questions to ask before starting your business. So many jump in without considering all sides of having a home business.

She also covers how to keep your household going while running your own business. Just like juggling home life and homeschool, you are adding a 3rd thing to your life.

  • Managing Ourselves
  • Managing Your Business
  • Managing Your Money
  • Managing Your Children
  • Practical Tips for Managing Your Home

The last part of the book is Shari’s Frugal Forty. This 40 ways that Shari McMinn lives by to make her life more frugal. If we would all live more like Marcia and Shari our world would be so much better!!

This is a terrific book and would also be good to teach your children, too. MATCH highly recommends this wonderful resource.

To get your copy check out Marcia Washburn’s website at Watch for her monthly articles in the newsletter for more wonderful helps.