Managing Your Children by Marcia K. Washburn ~ Review

Here is another Management for Moms Series! This is an awesome series and would be wonderful to use in your own home and then pass on to your children as they start their own.

In this book Mrs. Washburn uses examples of gardening to show how we need to nurture our children. We as Christians need to have encouragement and help from those that are older and have been through this part of life. She uses scripture to help show how God wants us to bring up our families.

  1. Protecting our children
    • Physical protection
    • Spiritual protection
    • Verbal protection
    • Speak the truth
    • Character protection
    • Financial protection
  2. Discipleship modeling
    • Self-discipline
    • Unity
    • Defining obedience
    • Telling the truth to your child
    • Winking at sin
    • Boundaries
    • Prepare for Battle
    • Assemble your own parenting manual
    • Using your parenting manual
    • 10 quick tips for creative correction
  3. Training your staff
    • Teach them how to do the job well
    • Birthday chores
    • Personal chores for preschoolers
    • Household chores for preschoolers
    • Personal chores for school age children
    • Household chores for school age children
    • Household chores for young adults
    • Quick ideas
  4. Table Manners
    • Table setting
    • Table manners
  5. Bumps, bangs, and bruises
    • Be prepared
    • Childhood “owies”
    • Illness
    • Chronic conditions
  6. Traveling with children
    • Making travel affordable
    • Where to go
    • Preparation
    • Enjoying the journey
  7. Travel tips
    • General trips
    • Airline tips
    • General packing list
    • Items to keep with you
    • For the children

This book is full of encouragement and helps that I can’t say enough about. Our children are precious and need us to bring them up to be able to face this sin filled world and this wonderful 98 page book will help you along this journey!

Our children are as little flowers in the garden and as Mrs. Washburn will explain, we need to water, protect and groom them for the future so they can bloom brighter than any other flower in their midst. No things won’t ever be perfect, but with the help of our Lord we are able to guide our little seedlings so they can grow and bloom.

As mentioned above she also gives helps for traveling with our children and making life fun. All families need that time away to enjoy and regroup. She has made lists to help make these trips cheap and enjoyable and the packing to go as easily as possible.

This is a terrific book and would also be good to teach your children, too. MATCH highly recommends this wonderful resource.

To get your copy check out Marcia Washburn’s website at Watch for her monthly articles in the newsletter for more wonderful helps.