Review of Homeschool Minder

Looking for an awesome program to schedule your school year, keep recrods and eventually make up a transcript? We have one we can highly
recommend! Homeschool Minder is a super program and you can use them for unlimited number of kids for no extra expense. I have used many different programs, but this is the best one out there and they are constantly adding to it. In fact, they love to hear from their customers what they would like to see added.

They have an awesome calendar. Every lesson, assignment, field trip, and appointment can be found in one place. And something they have just added, you can color code every subject and field trip, and appointment so that you can see what is going on each day at a glance.

Your grade book will keep track of every assignment’s score and see averages updated immediately. You can also add a scanned in copy of the assignments so that you have it documented straight into your grade book.

Your lesson plans, skills and resources are set up for every course. This makes is easy to know what your are doing every day and what you will be working on and need for each class.

They have thought of every report possible. Each can be looked at either in the program or saved in a PDF. The following are the reports available at this time.

  • Attendance Summary
  • Detailed Attendance
  • Gradebook
  • Report Card
  • Transcript
  • Skills Report Card
  • Detailed Lesson Plan
  • Skills List
  • Appointment Summary
  • Chore Summary
  • Field Trip Summary
  • Reading Lists
  • Daily Activities
  • Monthly Activities
  • Community Service
  • Service Evaluation

You can access the data on any computer and it is securely back­up in the cloud. You can also add achievement test scores so that you have them available to review. Another bonus is that you can use it for 30 days for free. Check them out and we hope that it will help you keep up with you records a lot better.