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Roadtrip Discovering Weird and Wonderful Places Review

Posted by Orilla on 17th January and posted in Reviews

This is an awesome book! Shelba Oberto wrote Roadtrip Discovering Weird and Wonderful Places for all ages. The book starts with a letter from 12 year old Kaylee and 8 year old James as they get ready to take a year long adventure traveling the US. It has a map of the US that has marked the journey they took over the year they traveled. There is 2 pages dedicated to each state.

Let me tell you about what you will find on a state. Each state has 2 pages dedicated to it. It tells you what region the state is in and have a colored map of the US with each region in a different color. There is a flip book looking graphic that has the name of the state, I’m going to describe Oklahoma to you. The top of the flip book has Oklahoma on it and the bottom of the flip book has the following listed: the slogan of the state (The Sooner State), Capital (Oklahoma City), State Bird (Scissor-railed Flycatcher), State Tree (Redbud), State Animal (Bison), and Largest City (Oklahoma City). Then it tells the history of Oklahoma. There is also little bits of info scattered across the 2 pages. It is personalized with the kids saying they got hungry and wanted to eat and how they found a neat place called POPS Restaurant in Arcadia to stop at. They have a picture of it and how hard it was to chose what to eat.

They visit a place called The Golden Driller in Tulsa. They show a picture of it and tell a little bit about it. They also visited the park that was featured in the movie Where the Red Fern Grows along with a picture of the falls. They also tell a little bit about the bison they saw and have a picture of one they took from their car. They also tell a little bit about the stagecoach they saw.

Each state has something like this and helps you get to know a little more and from the view of Kaylee and James’ view of the trip.

At the back of the book they take the 5 different regions and have “What Do You Remember” questions and “Fun Activities” to do from each region. It is chalked full of beautiful pictures that make it more fun.

This will make it more fun to study American Geography especially with the elementary age children. You can also start your own journey over time across American and mark each off but take the book with you to help you see things that are special in it.

I HIGHLY recommend this book! Get your copy at

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