Managing Your Home by Marcia K. Washburn ~ Review

This is another awesome book in the Management for Moms Series. I can’t say enough good about these books. They are chalked full of helps and encouragement and make me feel that I can really do this!! Again, this is a wonderful book for not only the moms, but also to hand down to your children as they prepare for their own homes.

She shows us how to make it where our homes are presentable at any time not just after working our heads off for days getting ready for company. She understands what it is like to have children and trying to juggle everything, but she has given us a handbook to help with making it easier to handle.

She shows us how to schedule our priorities.

  • God’s claim on our time
  • A human being, not a human doing
  • Big rocks
  • Take inventory
  • You become effective by being selective
  • Report for duty

A mother’s work seems to never end. From the time we crawl out of bed (for me 4:30 am) until we go to bed at night. But if we can get a hand on the “stuff” in our lives, we all enjoy it more.

She tells us “Don’t forget your brain, Mom!” She strongly urges us to use a planner to help keep things going a lot smoother. She tells us to make a planner to the season that we may be in at the moment. She tells us what she highly suggest goes into this planner so that things go a lot smoother for everyone.

Everyone works better with a routine. Some may think that is boring, but it doesn’t have to be. You can change it up from time to time, but we all do better if we doing things more on a routine. Mrs. Washburn gives us a glimpse into what her routines were like:

  • Morning
  • Homeschooling
  • Naps (for everyone)
  • Habit of Happiness
  • Errand Day
  • Bedtime

She goes into talking about moving things from one end of the home to the next. So she has made up 3 categories to go by.

  1. Keepers – items that stay basically permanently.
  2. Leapers – items that enter and exit regularly.
  3. Creepers – the items that are transients.

She give pointers for keeping the costs of food down and how to do it. She calls us SILK families (Single Income, Lots of Kids).

Do you like laundry day? Around my house every day is laundry day. She gives tips how to get this necessary chore done quickly and as painless as possible.

Another topic she talks about is our vehicles. This is one area that I’m really glad we don’t live back in the “olden days” now. But as all things they needed attention. She talks about caring for it, what to keep in your car in case of emergencies, and how to make it more enjoyable to travel.

This 63 page book is PACKED full of some really awesome helps. You may know some of the things in it, but believe me, if I can learn from this I’m sure you can, too. As the Bible teaches, the older women are to teach the younger and I find this to be so true with these wonderful books.

MATCH highly recommends this wonderful resource.

To get your copy check out Marcia Washburn’s website at Watch for her monthly articles in the newsletter for more wonderful helps.